The Poetic Hivemind1 is a quiet app that asks you to write a poem or text to a given theme every day.

Inspired by the dérive2 devised by the Letterist International3 and the Situationist International4 the app will give you a theme, a paragraph or two, that should inspire go for a walk and see your mundane surroundings in a different, maybe even more romantic and poetic, way.

The continuous occupation with texts and poems should strengthen your poetic intention. The involvement in the collective authorship of training an AI to generate poems should alleviate fears that come with expressing one self.

This project is part of my master thesis in the Interface Cultures program of the Arts University Linz.

  1. The concept of the group or hive mind is an intelligent version of real-life superorganisms such as an ant colony or beehive.
  2. dérive: A mode of experimental behavior linked to the conditions of urban society: a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances. The term also designates a specific uninterrupted period of dériving. Theory of the Dérive
  3. The Letterist International was a Paris-based collective of radical artists and cultural theorists between 1952 and 1957. It was created by Guy Debord as a schism from Isidore Isou's Letterist group. The group went on to join others in forming the Situationist International, taking some key techniques and ideas with it. Why Letterism?
  4. The Situationist International was an international organization of social revolutionaries made up of avant-garde artists and political theorists, prominent in Europe from its formation in 1957 to its dissolution in 1972. situationist international archive
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